Zero Waiting, 2005



ZERO WAITING, a video collaboration between visual artist Diana Hobson and experimental sound designer Susan Alexjander, explores the phenomenon of Zero Point Energy. It weaves together sound and visual symbolism to evoke the Quantum Field from which all life emerges.
The installation was first presented at the Salt Gallery, Hayle, Cornwall, England in August 2005.
In opposite moving cycles, two identical videos, one playing in reverse, create a symbolic journey connecting everything we see with our conscious eye to all things outside our comprehension, from our inner space to the deep space of the universe. Sound frequencies capture the invisible, bringing knowledge to our senses like the quantum imprinting of waves upon each other.

With video as our medium, we present the viewpoint that everything that exists emerges from the same source and life in all its forms, from micro to macro, is inextricably connected.


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