FRAGILE MEMORIES, A Solo Retrospective Show at Vessel Gallery, Oakland, July – August 2015

The work presented in my solo show at Vessel Gallery in Oakland ranged from the ‘Language of Light’ sculptures from a 1996 solo show at Butler Gallery in Ireland, to recent work created in Iceland and California—see Homepage for more detail.

Whilst putting together this retrospective show, connecting themes became evident: translucency, delicacy, contrasting materials and partnership with nature. Moving to California and the Santa Cruz Mountains from London in 1997 was a grounding experience for me, as seen in ‘Counterbalance’  the first sculpture made in California. I remember witnessing a neighbor harvesting  his redwoods for profit. It made me aware of the imbalance we are creating in nature and our inability to see the results of our actions.

After experimenting with video, and the photographic portraits of moths in 2007 – 2011, I had a desire to make a stronger connection to the land. I needed  to listen and to communicate more deeply with nature. The resulting work ‘Fragile Memories’, although delicate and almost ethereal in appearance, has a material strength which holds an  indelible memory of it’s mineral and botanical host.


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