Ubiquitous Seed installation at The Arboretum, UC Santa Cruz, California

Initial sketch inspired by the glyph of the ancient Egyptian symbol for the seed.
Marking out the geometry actual size – diameter 30 feet. Flags delineate the arcs.
Completed work, using natural materials, stones marking out the arcs, gravel pathways.

‘Ubiquitous Seed’ is a thirty-foot/nine-meter diameter circle of radiating arcs, echoing the Ancient Egyptian symbol for the seed. At its center is a ‘sitting stone’, a quiet place for one to step out of the mayhem of our world. Take the pathway leading to the center to sit, to contemplate, to meditate, or to just be.

The initial inspiration for the work arose from a concern that we are losing the essential diversity and quality of our seeds. Seed Banks holding the worlds precious and ancient seeds, crucial to our healthy survival, are being destroyed in war zones around the world and are now at risk from global warming. As we have seen recently, the global seed bank buried deep in the permafrost at Svalbard, in Norway’s Arctic, was recently flooded by melt water, due to an excessive rise in temperatures in the arctic this winter. Central to ‘Ubiquitous Seed’ is the wider symbolism of the ‘seed of life’ holding the blueprint for a new Humanity, guardians of a vibrant and healthy planet.

Sonoma fieldstone, wood chips, (from Cypress trees, victims of recent winter storms) gravel, Rhyolite central stone.


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