Language of Light, 1996

LANGUAGE OF LIGHT, A body of sculpture created for a solo show at the Butler Gallery, Kilkenny, Ireland in 1996.

The text of Language of Light, a book accompanying the exhibition of the same name, begins with  journal entries that follow the work through it’s entire

development.  Poetry accompanies images of the work.

Journal entry: 3rd November 1993
“I still find that new ideas include glass. The difference is how I’m thinking of it (glass)
not as form but as a container for the formless, and in itself not containing it but defining it – (light). Light (spirit/energy) is defined by it…….It is the transformational element……to define the formless, the intangible”.

The work is described below by Karen Chambers in her article, Diana Hobson Speaking Clearly, Neues Glas magazine, April 1996.

“Looking at sculptor Diana Hobson’s work makes me wish I were a poet for prose seems inadequate to discuss her work. In the ‘Language of Light’ series her work appears like poetry itself made physical. It is a haiku in glass, ceramic, stone wood and bronze”

For the newly revived Neues Glass magazine see – Neus Glass/New Glass/Art and Architecture –

Language of Light book –‎

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