Balance Series, 1999


DELICATE BALANCE SERIES – red concrete, glass and bronze. As the work developed, so did the growing awareness of the crisis point we, Mankind have reached in our relationship to the planet.“Pillars of red concrete rise up from the earth – man-made structures becoming glass.

“A slender twig finds a Fingerhold, the same twig pivots On The Edge and a strand of kelp – protector from the sea – is poised tentatively as the Counterbalance on the Beam Scale”. Fingerhold – height 54 inches (138cm), On The Edge – height 46 inches (117cm), Counterbalance – height 59 inches (150cm)
Balance Series was first shown in ‘Past Recipients of the Rakow Commission’ at the Margo Jacobsen Gallery, Portland, Oregon, USA in 1999.

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